Our Hawaii treehouse was designed by Roderick Romero, called “Architect to the Sky” in the documentary of his work by Joseph Hendrickson.

This genuine treehouse is built from timbers that were once a church.

Stained glass windows by island artist Seneca Lalonde.

Lower lanai has outdoor eating area and cedar hot tub. Upper lanai is close to upper canopy of forest, where birds fly below your feet.

We keep our treehouse as much a hidden treasure as possible, although it has been featured in Keola Magazine, Forbes, and has even made an appearance on the Today show and had an episode devoted to it on Extreme Cribs. It has been selected by Trip Advisor as “one of the 10 most romantic places to stay.” Despite all this, the treehouse remains secluded and private in the rainforest of Kilauea, minutes from viewing of the current eruption at Halema’uma’u.

The treehouse is available as a vacation or honeymoon rental, and as part of any of our packages.